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Welcome to the future of weed control

Weedingtech are the manufacturers of Foamstream, the award winning, herbicide-free system of controlling weeds, offering the most effective alternative to traditional chemical herbicides. Available for the first time on a commercial basis to the amenity and water industries, it kills weeds using a precise application of hot water and foam. Discover how your organisation could benefit from this exciting new technology today.



foamstream-logoFoamstream is approved for use on organic production systems by leading organisations such as the Organic Farmers and Growers Association



Water Companies


How Foamstream Works

We worked in conjunction with world class industry experts to develop Foamstream, a biodegradable foam made from natural plant oils and sugars which can be precisely applied to weeds together with hot water.

1. Heat is applied to the weed in the form of foam and hot water
2. The foam acts as a blanket, keeping the heat on the weed long enough to kill it
3. A wetting agent in the foam speeds up the transfer of heat into the weed’s cell walls
4. The weed dies within minutes
5. Repeated applications can reach tap roots where their eradication is required

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Read the latest testimonials from our clients

  • Foamstream is a very effective weed and moss control, we used it in schools: along fence lines, gravel car parks, patio areas and in/around drains. The results are very good.


    Emmanuel Flecken Senior Contracts Officer, East Sussex Country Council

  • Weedingtech’s Foamstream is a perfect fit with our ethos, and we were keen to get involved in the challenge to find out what it could do to help us. From the results we’ve seen so far we haven’t been disappointed – Foamstream is an extremely effective product for controlling weeds in a variety of different situations

    Garth Clark Managing Director of Holt Farms Ltd - Yeo Valley Farms

  • Foamstream is an exciting alternative to traditional weed control solutions and we look forward to exploring the benefits that its herbicide-free credentials will bring to Quadron and its clients.

    Terry Burns Contract Manager for Quadron Services

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