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Register for your machine warranty

Thank you for purchasing your Weedingtech machine. To register your warranty** with us, simply fill out the form below.

Your warranty will not be validated unless this form is registered with us. Filling in the from below will validate your warranty and allow us to keep you up to date with any product updates, promotions or special offers that might be relevant to you, or your Weedingtech machine.

Your local authorised Weedingtech dealer can also register your product for you. In order to do this – contact your local dealer.

**Your warranty is subject to Terms & Conditions.



Thank you for your purchase of a Weeding Technologies Limited (“WTL”) product. We are leading high-quality provider of environmentally friendly equipment.
Our machines are warranted for a specific period and on the conditions set forth in the applicable warranty for each product, that the product is free from defects in materials and workmanship if used, maintained and managed in accordance with the instructions contained in the User’s Manual provided with each product.

This Limited Warranty provides coverage for 12 months (or 1000 hours of generator usage whichever occurs first) from the date of delivery. The warranty is for non-serviceable items. The repair or replacement of parts, or the performance of service under this warranty, does not extend the life of this warranty beyond its original expiry date.

Customers must activate and validate their warranty by registering online at:


Warranty coverage is only available if the machine is purchased from an authorised dealer in the country in which the sale occurred or directly from Weeding Technologies Limited. Routine maintenance outlined in the User’s Manual must be performed using genuine parts in order to maintain warranty coverage. If the customer performs maintenance, WTL reserves the right to make future warranty coverage possible only with proof of proper maintenance.

Use of an unauthorised foam concentrate or alteration in factory foam additive dosage settings will invalidate this warranty.


Warranty claims shall be made by the customer to the authorised dealer from whom the machine was purchased.

Please contact the authorised dealer where the aftersales team will guide you through some basic diagnostics to determine the fault on the machine. If they are unable to resolve the issue, the dealer will then arrange for the inspection and any necessary repairs. If the repairs carried out are not covered by the warranty, the purchaser shall pay for all related labour and material, and any other expenses associated with that service.


(This is for guidance only, there may be additional items that are not covered by warranty).

General wear and tear (including kinked/abraded hoses)
Damage from lack of maintenance as described in the user manual.
Damage by accident, impact, improper installation or storage.
Damage by water ingestion, submersion and external water damage.
Damage caused by frost or overheating from excessive ambient temperatures or lack of ventilation.
Operation and damage to the machine used in a marine environment.
Damage by operation with incorrect pressure, conditions or modifications.
Damage from overloading (all machines) or under loading (generators).
Fuel related problems. (Contaminated or stale fuel, incorrect fuel/oil mixture, incorrect fuel type).
Repairs made during warranty period without prior approval from WTL.
The warranty may be void if any modifications are made to the machine.
Any damages caused during the transit of goods. Customer must report damage to WTL within 7 days of delivery, to allow us to claim from our couriers.
The warranty may be void if records of servicing including hours and date are not kept. Copies of service history may be requested by WTL.


The following is an in-exhaustive summary of relevant aspects of the standard terms and conditions of Weeding Technologies Ltd (“WTL”) and is subject to those terms and conditions and to any special terms and conditions agreed between the parties. Where this summary and WTL’s standard terms and conditions conflict, those terms and conditions take precedence (and any special terms and conditions take precedence both over WTL’s standard terms and conditions and over this document). You are advised to read the full terms and conditions.

In no case (without express written agreement, and save as may be required by law) does WTL accept any liability towards any person other than the person (“you”) who originally made the purchase from WTL or in respect of any alleged defect not notified by you to WTL within the warranty period given by the manufacturer.

You are notified that the standard warranty period given by the manufacturer is 12 months from delivery (or 1000 hours of generator usage, whichever occurs first)

You must inspect all goods thoroughly with 7 days of delivery. Subject to the rules set out in section 3 below, any claim must be notified to WTL within 7 days of delivery or (subject to clause (b) above) in the case of any defect which is not reasonably apparent on inspection then within seven days of the defect coming to your attention (or of the date when the defect reasonably should have been apparent to you, if earlier).

Subject to Section 3 below, WTL will have no liability if you do not comply with the above.

WTL’s options, in cases where it is liable, include repairing or replacing defective goods. If WTL exercises such an option it has no further liability. In any event, the liability of WTL is limited to parts, freight and a limited amount of labour as set out in WTL’s standard terms and conditions. Labour in excess of such limits will be at your cost in any event.

You must, if so requested in writing by WTL, at your risk promptly return any goods the subject of any claim and any packing materials securely packed, and carriage paid to WTL for examination. (If the claim is substantiated, WTL will normally reimburse these costs)

If any repairs, modifications, or adjustments are carried out upon goods other than by WTL or an authorised (in writing) sub-contractor of WTL, then WTL will have no liability in respect of those goods.

WTL does not accept any liability to you for any loss or damage of any nature except as expressly stated in the standard terms and conditions (or in such terms and conditions as may be specially agreed between you and WTL). This means among other things that WTL has no liability for consequential losses, property damage, penalties, liquidated, exemplary or aggravated damages, downtime, loss of goodwill, capital costs or any pure economic loss.

Subject to section 3 below, WTL does not accept any liability for defects resulting from wear and tear, accident, improper use or use except in accordance with the instructions or advice of WTL or authorised dealer or neglect or from any instructions or materials provided by you. Please note that this means WTL cannot accept liability in the event of use of unauthorised foam concentrate or alteration in factory foam additive dosage settings. Please note that it is not to be inferred or implied from the fact that WTL may supply you with any technical means of altering the settings for the use of the goods that you have any contractual or other legal protection in the event that you do so – any alterations to the settings for the use of the Units if not made in accordance with WTL’s or the manufacturer’s express written instructions are made at your own risk.


For items in the right-hand column of the table below, headed “non-warranty items”, notwithstanding the provisions set out in section 2 above, WTL will have no liability unless both of the following conditions are satisfied: –

(a) that the defect was present on delivery of the goods to you; AND

(b) that you notified WTL in writing of the defect within 7 days of delivery.

For items in the left-hand column of the table below, headed “warranty items”, if the defect does not also qualify as a “non-warranty item” (an item listed in the right-hand column), WTL will accept liability for such “warranty items” defects notified to it in writing within 12 months of delivery, subject to the conditions and requirements of part 2 above, with the exception of clause (c) of part 2 above (meaning that the requirement to notify WTL within 7 days does not apply to such claims).

Warranty Items Non-Warranty Items
Mechanical parts All Filters
Electrical parts Impact damage
Internal Hoses (excluding the standard 30m delivery hose) 30m Standard delivery hose (either internally or externally housed)
Diesel Pump on Boiler Lances
Water pump Wear plates
Boiler Oils/Fluids
Tanks Damage due to operator error & not storing machine correctly*
Resetting machines
*When machines are not being used, they must be stored in a dry location with a temperature > 5°C